NEC Sourcing

Sourcing All Textile Products, Apparel Manufacturing Materials, Sewing Products, Tailoring Goods, Accessories and Trimmings For Cloth Manufacturing. Sourcing Guide For Apparel Designers and All In One Source For Apparel Manufacturers.

Textile And Garment Sourcing

We produce and source textile products for our customers. Textile Accessories, Textile Products and Raw Materials, Creating cloth brands for brand owners, Manufacturing apparel brands in flexible quantities.
We give full service for apparel production from sourcing textile products, desinging, production, quality control, packing, logistic operation.


Women's Fashion

Sourcing Textile Products and Apparels for Women Fashion.


Men's Fashion

Sourcing Textile Products and Apparels for Men Fashion.


Kids's Fashion

Sourcing Textile Products and Apparels for Kids Fashion.



Sourcing All Textile Products From Turkey with Logistic Advantage, With Flexible Quantities and With Competitive Prices.


Sourcing all textile accessories and clotthing products from one point with effective cost and effective timing.


Manufacturing your textile products and apparels with custom designs or with your brand logo.

Textile Agency

Giving full service for your brand or company. Acting as your liaison office or your sourcing/communication office.

About Us

We are sourcing and manufacturing company in Turkey, Istanbul. We have a sourcing team, sourcing all requested products. We have a manufacturing team, which we produce some articles in land or produce at our contracted factories. We give full service starting from sourcing raw materials, textile products and accessories till quality control, packing, logistic operation and custom operation.

NEC Sourcing is gives versatile service for Apparel Manufacturers, Textile Factories and Brand Owners. NEC Sourcing is offering professional service for Desinger and Brand Owners.



We give full service for Textile Industry. Sourcing and Manufacturing customized and branded accessories, textile products and manufacturing apparels.

Sourcing all products will give you finding exact products easily, communicate easily, and save from sampling costs and times.

We give textile agency and liaison office services for sourcing your products, creating brand, penatrating to market, Marketing Services and Market Research Services.


Sourcing and Manufacturing All Textile Produts
Marketing and Distribution of Brands.


Sourcing All Textile Products.


Manufacturing Your Customized Products and Apparels

Textile Agency Services

Giving Textile Agency and Liaison Office Services.

Marketing and Distribution

Giving Authentic Marketing and Digital Marketing Services and Distribution Of Your Brand.

  • "Sourcing Textile Products From Turkey With Better Costs and Delivery Times"

    Nec Sourcing

  • All Accessories and Trimmings Required for Cloth Manufacturing

    Nec Sourcing

  • Manufacturing Apparels Creating Clothing Line

    Nec Sourcing

  • Marketing & Distribution Services Distribution Network and Marketing Services

    Nec Sourcing

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